4 Varieties of Organic Honey that you should try today

Honey! That sweet, yellowish liquid bees and other insects make from the nectar collected from flowers. It is full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and more goodness. But the best kind of honey manufacturers are organic honey manufacturer who concern themselves with purity, quality and taste.

Allied Natural Products are among few organic honey manufacturers that take pride in producing superfluous flavors and variety for honey.

Want to know the four best organic honey varieties? Read on.

Rapseed/ Mustard Honey

Rapseed and Mustard Honey are referred interchangeably. Mustard honey is usually white in color to sometimes light amber. It represents a very pure uniflower honey giving a floral aroma. It is almost fruity and is low in sweetness. This type of honey has a fine crystalline texture which is a healthy alternative to face creams.

Organic Forest Honey

Made from honey, It is different from the flower honey. We love how Organic Honey Manufacturers have discovered this darker, smoky caramel smelling honey in the forests. Forest Honey rarely crystallizes, staying liquid for a long duration. It has a strong taste which contributes greatly towards nutritional therapeutic benefits.

Acacia Honey

Made from mild and sweet flora, acacia honey is the most popular kind. It is clear almost like a liquid glass and has soft sweetness of its own that doesn’t affect the beverages it is so popularly served with.

Sidr Honey

Made from the oldest trees according to the Holy Quran, Sidr Honey is also the most expensive variety of honey available around the world. What makes it so? If the melting gold appearance wasn’t enough then its specialized healing benefits justify how it is one of the best organic honey manufactured.

Allied Natural Products have organic honey as offerings produced from many more extracting techniques. Find out more about their products on their website- http://alliednaturalproduct.com/ or visit their workplace in Ashok Vihar, New Delhi, India.

Article Source : https://bit.ly/2H4XxkJ

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